ASP.NET: Delete multiple rows in a GridView using C#

This article will elaborate on the method to delete multiple rows in the ASP.NET GridView control. Delete multiple rows in an ASP.NET grid using C# Let get started by adding an Employees Table to the Database The SQL Server database: Let’s assume you have a database where records of all the employees are stored. For... » read more

Fetch and display RSS feed using ASP.NET

ASP.NET and RSS feed After you have launched Visual Studio, click on File at the top left corner. Select New > Project. In the New Project window, select Web from the options on the left. Select ASP.NET Web Forms Application. Set the location from the options at the bottom where you’d like to store the... » read more

Save Data from GridView to DataTable using C#

In this article, we will learn how to loop through the rows of GridView using For Each loop while inserting new rows to DataTable using C#. Insert Data from GridView to DataTable in C# First, add a GridView and a button to your web page: <div> <asp:GridView ID="gv" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false"> <Columns> <asp:BoundField DataField="CustomerId" HeaderText="Customer Id"... » read more

Asp.Net: Bind GridView using ViewState and Datatable

In this article, we will learn how to save a DataTable in ViewState and bind it to a GridView. In case, a new record is being added, the DataTable is fetched from the ViewState, updated, and used again to bind the GridView. Bind GridView using Datatable and ViewState using ASP.NET DataTable represents a single in-memory... » read more

Introduction to Inheritance in PHP

Inheritance is one of the basic concepts of object-oriented programing methodology. It allows a class to “inherit” the properties and methods of an existing class by extending it. Unless the child class “overrides” the methods of the existing class, they will maintain their original functionality. The relationship between these classes is called a parent-child relationship.... » read more

Implement Merge Sort using C++

In this article, you will learn about a sorting algorithm that uses divide and conquer strategy to sort an array. Merge sort first divides an array into equal parts and then combines them after sorting. A C++ Implement of Merge Sort To understand how merge sort works, let’s consider an array called arr[] having a... » read more

Implement Heap Sort using C++

A heap is a tree-based data structure in which the tree is almost a complete binary tree. The maximum number of a child node in a binary heap is at most 2. Implement a Heap Sort Function using C++ In a binary heap, the height of a heap tree is log2N if the heap is... » read more

How to parse JSON using PHP

In this example, we will learn how to parse or read a JSON object using PHP built-in function. JSON Let’s create a separate file for the JSON. Copy-paste the following line of the code and save the file as “test.json” {"a":"apple","b":"banana","c":"carrot"} PHP PHP provides two variants of json_decode to parse or read the JSON. Parse... » read more